Ask The Don

Q: “I have heard Vaping is just as expensive as regular cigarettes. Is that true?”

The Don: NO, most definitely not! Over the course of a year, Vaping is 1/3 the cost of smoking.

Q: “Are e-cigarettes the same as Vaping?”

The Don: No, e-cigarettes look like regular cigarettes. My Personal Vaping Devices are at the cutting edge of Vaping technology and look nothing like either.

Q: “I have heard that Vaping is just as harmful as smoking regular cigarettes. Is that true?”

The Don: False, as long as you know the e-liquid manufacturer and their ingredients Vaping is 99% safer than smoking. That’s why I make Godfather Vapors e-liquids in a clean room environment.  E-liquids should only be made with these ingredients Propylene Glycol (a food additive) Natural/Artificial flavoring (from a reputable supplier), Nicotine (from a reputable supplier) and Vegetable Glycerin (food additive).  If your E-liquid bottle doesn’t list it’s ingredients or is handwritten throw it away!

Q: “Why does Vaping work better than other methods to quit smoking?”

The Don: Vaping satisfies the nicotine craving, the oral fixation and the need to have something in your hand.

Q: “If I stop smoking and start Vaping will I always have to Vape?”

The Don: You can always Vape, the health and financial benefits are immeasurable compared to smoking. I would recommend a step down approach. Meaning- start at 18mg of nicotine, then step down to 12mg of nicotine, then down to 6mg nicotine, then 0mg nicotine and finally either quit Vaping or just continue to enjoy the great flavors at 0mg.